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In #backtothemusic

By Firsteye Media Group

#Backtothemusic: Live Music Series

On 05, May 2015 | No Comments | In #backtothemusic | By Firsteye Media Group

The #backtothemusic Live Music Web Series is looking for both upcoming and established talent to feature in a raw “one take” performance for our team! Check out the latest episodes here!


Every month, the team at Firsteye aim to contribute a live music video presentation with a musician, rapper, singer, band etc.. Our goal is to break the mold of ultra-produced, computer enhanced recordings by pushing artists to perform on the spot, totally live and uncut. Lets take it #backtothemusic

Episode 6: Zach Pohl – Standing

Episode 5: Grades Of Absolute Truth – LEAD

Episode 4: Cassie Holt – Crowded Room

Episode 3 : Mikey Meshey – Comeback

Episode 2: Amanda Roshelle – Ain’t it Fun (Paramore Cover)

Episode 1: Judgemental & Mason Juiell – Just Like Music

To submit yourself for the next #backtothemusic please fill out this form, give us a link to some of your music and tell us about your self or band:

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