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About Us

fec1First Eye Media is a Dallas based creative-services provider that specializes in producing video content for the creative arts and media industry. Through new partnerships with event planners and local musicians, First Eye Media outreach is becoming National in scope. The company utilizes the latest audio/video technology to produce cost-efficient, creative, promotional, instructional, and original video content

First Eye Media services are targeted towards several markets, including television stations, corporations, advertising agencies, music labels and performing artists. We initially started our business by providing cost effective video packages for entertainers. Our business is increasing as we have recently established close niche relationships with local and international artists, maximizing the opportunities provided by the explosion in web-based video content that did not exist a decade ago. By producing creative quality videos to our clients’ specifications and support with marketing their media, we are positioning ourselves to be a major contender in the visual media industry.

Provide creative memorable content through exploration of new media and technological advancements in visual media production while striving to be the first eye sought out for production services in the nation.