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In Industry

By Firsteye Media Group

Photography For the Music Industry

On 28, Jan 2015 | No Comments | In Industry | By Firsteye Media Group

Professional photography is the cornerstone of a successful branding campaign for any Musician, Band or Music Label. In our current age of instagram and instantaneous photography via cell phones, the gap between professional vs. amature branding is steadily increasing. What separates the two is simple. Quality.

Examples of products and situations where professional photos are needed:
CD Covers
Concert Flyers
Business Cards
Images for publication (Magazines, Blogs)
Social Media Advertising & Blogging (Instagram, Facebook, Etc.)

What kind of photoshoot is best for you?:
Generally speaking, there are three main types of photography when it comes to the music industry; In-studio Portrait, On-location Portrait and Concert. Their all equally impact full and have there own set of advantages.

In-studio: In-studio photography is a situation in a Controlled Environment, usually hosted at a Film/Photography studio with access to a professional lighting setup, backdrops, cyc walls (short for cyclorama wall) and sets. Instudio shoots give the photrapher room to polish and control lighting and offer a custom set or a solid color background. Photos taken infront of solid color backgrounds offer the easiest manipulation in post-production (i.e. photoshop) for creating photo infused graphics.


On-Location:garagesm  On-Location photography has no boundaries. Basically the “talent” or artist go to previously scouted locations and take photos in natural environments (alleyway, woods, farm, restaurant, club, etc.). Lighting is usually natural, so sunlight and building light installations are the main sources of lighting. Mobile lighting gear can also be brought On-location to adapt in low-light situations (like night time or dark rooms). Creativity and timing becomes key in this photography method.



Concert: Concert photography is candid. The point is to catch natural and timeless images from a concert or live performance. Variables like audience, stage lighting and smoke paint the picture of not only the performer, but the entire experience.





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